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There are many Julie Jansens on Google.
(Three in Brisbane seem to share my hairdressers!)   This one helps people like you achieve greater public confidence as  a respected professional. My clients include highly respected corporations, professional services firms, C level executives, small businesses and  authors.

I'll help you achieve new business direction, successful public speaking and powerful or profitable words that get noticed.   🚀

My services are diverse: interview and media coaching, media and reputation management, key messaging, PR, business development, corporate relations, structural editing and so much more. 

Realise your presence and potential with powerful content, words, ideas, answers and results.  

I am degree trained in journalism, law and business management and a trained mediator to national accreditation standard. It all adds up to great communication outcomes for many types of clients and projects.

Honest, immediate, tactical ​​advice that works!

Deliver bigger results, with  
confidential, confident expertise.

Achieve more powerful and confident direction.
Realise your presence, potential and power. 

We typically respond within 2-3 hours.

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