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sensitive and international issues . . .  ​EFFECTIVE advice 

 ​​This young man found himself unexpectedly in the international, legal and political spotlight. His professional reputation is now assured, with professional media advice ahead of a high profile interview. Read his successful interview with The Australian  here .

FROM LOCAL BUSINESSMAN TO radio confidence . . .

 I have helped several local South East Queensland election candidates with media coaching and community engagement strategy. ​  View this client's successful radio nterview  here .
Are you anticipating media attention or interviews?
Need to prepare in a very short time? I can help you!

Julie Jansen specialises in providing short term media and reputation strategy, including for legal representatives and clients appearing before media

Before that important speech, public event or interview - get some professional preparation! I can help you even if you are on in 15 minutes!

Please note I am a trained but not practising lawyer. I do not provide legal advice or drafting. I can direct you to professional lawyers specialising in your area of need.
I receive no incentive for these referrals. 

You can be assured of receiving confidential, experienced media relations advice on managing specific public appearances, wording, writing and community opinion.

We can advise you about media planning for an emerging business issue or legal case, before you receive public attention:
  • Strategic planning for handling press coverage, external factors and media inquiries during the event
  • Assessing background issues for strategic, tactical and operational advantage
  • Creating positive media opportunities and messages to favourably highlight particular issues
  • Media coaching: we can assess your (or staff) interviewing strengths or train you to handle unexpected Qs ... and more.

We also write or redraft effective content for media and social media. Visit our Media Writing page  for more information

Realise your presence and potential  ...  today 

Professional media advice, coaching or representation since 2004,
often on short notice. I can advise people being interviewed in 15 minutes!

2016   JJ advised a key party involved in the QUT/ 18C case.
RESULT Reputation restored in national newspaper The Australian.

2015  Acted as media spokesperson for two community advocacy organisations,
on three occasions, re sensitive political and funding issues:
​RESULT: Coverage in major Australian media and prime time ABC radio. 

Since 2013  Non-partisan media and public speaking coaching to several political candidates in local, State and Federal elections

2011 Discreetly commissioned by the Queensland Bureau of Meteorology,
​during the Queensland  Flood Inquiry, to manage intense national media interest. 

 RESULT:  The Bureau's excellent national public reputation protected.

In a fast moving world, professional advice is instantly available.
Achieve more powerful and confident direction.
Realise your presence, potential and power. 

​​​Honest, immediate, tactical advice that works. 
Love what you do, with confidential, confident expertise.

We typically respond within 2-3 hours.

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